Masked Creatives!

Lorrie KNITS! is proud to be a crafts person and she is happy to share other people’s handmade work being utilized in a positive way! 

(Hand-crochet protective masks, with filtered lining of course.)

Respect goes out to medical personnel and many others putting their lives on the line to help those who suffer from and who have died from COVID-19.  We all cannot wait for our world to get back to normal,  until then let’s all be safe out there!

Positive Energy

In an effort to downsize Lorrie KNITS! has terminated its website  When items are available you may find announcements here on the Lorrie KNITS! blog and on the LK Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages.  Items for purchase may be found on Lorrie KNITS! ETSY PAGE.

Until we meet again, let us all be safe and move forward with strength.  And let us all look forward to many happy and positive years ahead!  We WILL get through this!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Twiggie Storystitch, The Girl Who Knits Stories

LorrieKNITS! Books Present: Twiggie Storystitch, The Girl Who Knits Stories.                Arriving 2021



Xmas is over!


2020 is filled with new beginnings for LorrieKNITS! with a new SoCal location and renewed hope for great accessories, wearables and tons of success!  Look for LorrieKNITS! to begin the year with Valentine gifts, Warmest Wear gear and plenty more!  Until then, here’s to everyone having a happy, safe, loving and prosperous New Year! CHEERS!



“Let’s go Warriors!”  NOW FOR PURCHASE:  Sports-inspired hand-knit sweater keychains, school bag/purse charms or party favors in your favorite sports team colors!  Colors currently available are for Golden State Warriors, Pittsburgh and SF Giants.  Available now on ETSY! Thanks and cheers!


NOTE:  Old design is on the left and current design is on the right of each photo.

Also featured PRIDE Tiny Sweaters!  Go to Lorrie KNITS! website online store – Store will be fully up and running the week of May 14th.  Go HERE for more information. Thanks!