Bottle Hoodeez!!!

Gearing up for football season playoffs with a sports-inspired Pittsburgh Steelers Bottle Hoodeez for sale soon at Giordano Brothers in San Francisco.  Limited supply!!!



Donate and feel great!

 Lorrie KNITS! gave away handknit/crochet hats and scarves to people without homes and they graciously accepted and allowed photos!!  Donating just feels good!!  Happy Holidays!

Wedding Cake Toppers!

Lorrie KNITS! makes cute wedding cake blushing bride and groom toppers!!

Congratulations Christine and Joshua on your wedding!  And thank you to the happy couple for including LorrieKNITS! on your special day!


New “work” eye glasses have arrived!  Classy and high-end for Lorrie KNITS! to knit and crochet in style!  Meanwhile, the Lorrie KNITS! Etsy Page and website is currently up and running and products are in the making!  Please stay tuned and look for Lorrie KNITS! online store coming for the holidays!

Being creative takes passion.

Passion takes patience.

Patience is a virtue.

Lorrie KNITS! is one woman, who takes an “ole skool” approach to creating with love.

Thank you!

Reversible Hats Coming Soon!!

LorrieKNITS! is hard at work creating “reversible” hats for the winter line. Or, for whenever your head needs a warm snuggle! Stay tuned! 






Gifts, Patterns, Inside Out!


Lorrie KNITS! loves giving gifts.  Whether it is a gift of a key chain sweater or a knit hat, giving gifts makes anyone feel good!  



    austin-in-my-hat-1-edit-copy    austin-in-my-hat-7-edit   austin-in-my-hat-3-edit
Gift hats worn by (from top to bottom) Dianne, Bruce and Austin.
(feel free to CLick on pictures)


Lorrie KNITS! has also embarked on creating original patterns for items to sell.   Look for the Lorrie KITS! “reversible” THIO Knit Hats coming soon!  THIO = “Two Hats In One.”

lk-reverse-hat reverse-knit-hat-green