Knit, but not forgotten projects

There are so many projects Lorrie KNITS! has yet to complete, some as old as a decade including a sweater from a Rowan pattern book.  The intentions were good at the start, a lovely long-sleeve colorful sweater pattern to knit and show off proudly.  Alas, mid-knit the poor thing was left dirty, neglected and tucked away in the closet.  LK feels bad for abandoning it.

old rowan sweater

With so much to do before the end of the year LK is certain to one day pick up the sweater, finish it with all the stored left over yarn and proudly wear it. Until then, sleep well beautiful sweater, hope to wear you soon! LK

Norwegian Bolero Jacket 1991

And then there’s the Norwegian Bolero jacket I made in 1991 when I was first attending college.  The sleeves came out way too narrow and too right and now that I am older, thicker and less taut, the jacket won’t close over my double Ds.  I’ve allotted it to a singer friend of mine who after seeing this picture put her name on it.  She is very tiny, it’s hers.  Goodbye Bolero jacket, it was fun while it lasted!


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