LK Gives a Huge “THANK YOU” to bullies everywhere!

Way, way, waaaaaaaay back in the day LK was so excited about teaching herself to crochet that she made some of her school clothes and could not wait to show her peers.

Young LK

Unfortunately, her classmates during middle school in the 1970s were not as enthusiastic about her designs and skills as she was.  But, thanks to the popularity of modern day “crafts,” LK makes whatever she wants and sells her items too!  So, here’s a big THANK YOU to all the haters who called LK “spaz,” “dork,” “idiot.”  Thank you haters for pelting LK with fruit and pebbles in the school yard while she sat quietly on a bench crocheting hats for her dolls.


LK believes you should never give up on what makes you happy even if others do not approve.  The best revenge is success in every sense of the word.  Cheers and happy knitting/crocheting!


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