Hooray Bottle Buds!

This year has been a “trying” one for Lorrie KNITS!  Familial loss; a grueling 40-hour weekly 9-2-5 that barely leaves time or energy to knit; sick animals; debt and no social life in store.  But, there is always a bright side to every one of life’s challenges!  The “bright side” for LK?  Introducing the Lorrie KNITS! Bottle Bud, a “cozy” garment for your favorite beverage in a bottle.

Tired of people drinking from your bottle when you step away?  Is your bottle cold, lonely and in need of a comfortable garment to keep it warm?  Try the Lorrie KNITS! Bottle Bud.  (Currently featuring Baseball Season Sports-inspired Bottle Buds.)


Slip one of these little guys over your favorite bottled beverage and drink in celebration of your favorite sports team. And, when you walk away for that necessary thousandth trip to the restroom and you don’t want someone sharing your drink, slip the Bottle Bud “hoodie” over the top!


Also featured for a limited time, Lorrie KNITS! Artist-inspired Bottle Buds.  Featured here; bottle buds for the multi-piece folk-rock band, The Sam Chase.  Bottle Buds for the artists Lorrie KNITS! enjoys are by “special order” or invitation only.


Very soon Lorrie KNITS! Bottle Buds will be made available online at ETSY or in person locally.  The Bottle Buds are currently being made for SF Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates, but future Bottle Buds are being considered for other teams per their season.  And, look for future seasonal Bottle Buds; 4th of July; Valentine’s Day; Christmas; Pride Celebration and Bottle Buds for your nursing pet or child.  Whatever is made available LK will announce for sale.

Thanks and see ya soon!  Lorrie KNITS! 



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