Young LK

A knitter since childhood, Lorrie D. Sargent was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca. where she currently resides.

When she was a young girl Lorrie watched her mother knit and she wanted to learn. But, Lorrie’s mother, a left-handed knitter, was too impatient to help her. Lorrie was also dyslexic, although she did not know it then, and could not properly read instructions. Lorrie eventually taught herself to knit from the illustrations in knitting and crochet books.  Lorrie was fortunate to be raised in a generation when arts and crafts was not only taught at home, but in schools. But, even though creative activities kept her happy L.D. endured the challenges of adolescent bullying and being labeled an “uncool weirdo” for crocheting her clothes in middle school and high school.  Rather than allow life’s challenges to get in her way, L.D. continued to sew, knit and crochet her own clothes and her dolls’ clothes. It wasn’t until adulthood that L.D. found her way with her crafts website.  Lorrie created LorrieKNITS! with a motto that is and will be for the rest of her life, “success, in any form, is the ONLY option!” 

LorrieKNITS! makes hand-knit accessories for children and adults and dog sweaters. All items are made-to-order on a first come first serve basis.  Lorrie uses Virgin Woo, wool blends and Acrylic blends.  High-end clientele and branding requests are welcome.  Lorrie is  also a proud award-winning playwright and author. 

Here is the LK WEBSITE.

More about Lorrie the author can be found HERE.


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