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During the 1950s in her hometown of New York, Doris Banbury (1930-2015) hung out with like-minded friends who loved to chase and photograph A-list theatre, film, television and radio celebrities including Marilyn Monroe; Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr.  A select few of Doris’s works were purchased by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (here is Doris’s page on SFMOMA website HERE)  And a select few of Doris’s work was featured in a 2010 SFMOMA exhibit by Sandra Phillips. 

dsc02129 dsc02132

Doris at the 2010 Exhibit entitled; Exposed; Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Since 1870, in front of her encased photos.

Doris lovingly passed on her love of photography to her two children.  Doris’s later work and her past work will be featured in a future book slash MEMOIR.  

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The Mysterious Gladys Peryl and Her Tiny Sweaters


The Mysterious Gladys Peryl and her Tiny Sweaters.


A Doll made by Lorrie KNITS!

Using a book on Knitted Toys, I started a doll back in 2013 for a couple I met on a plane to Paris in 2009, Moira and Pietro.  When Moira had her first daughter I thought, “I’ll make something for her.”  Of course I got ambitious in the beginning and then, of course, life intervened and I got as far as the doll’s body and sweater.  But, the doll is finished and ready to be assembled.  For the youngest child I will do something smaller, but hopefully fun.  Enjoy the video!


Yours Very Truly, Doris Banbury

A great parent is one who raises their child(ren)

to adulthood to a positive fruition. 

Lorrie KNITS! mother Doris Banbury was a great mother.

“RIP, ma!”

Sunrise 12-7-1930   Sunset: 12-27-15   Earth: 1-8-2016

baby me and mom

Click on the link below to read a blog post dedicated to LorrieKNITS! mother, Doris.

Lorrie KNITS! and Little Dresses of Africa


Lorrie KNITS! supports the Little Dresses for Africa Foundation.  You can, too!  Here is the link to the organization that recruits people from all over the world to to volunteer to help young women in Africa by sewing “pillow case” dresses for them.  There are also patterns available to make Santi-Panties for pre-teen girls.  Please visit the site for more information.   Cheers!

Little Dresses for Africa

Lorrie KNITS! making little dresses