Gotta work!!!

Working on a dog sweater order.  LorrieKNITS is on the move!  Whoot!


Whoot, whoot!

LK sold another Happy Sipho hand knit hat and on a Saturday night, whoot, whoot!  That’s LK’s celebratory chant,”whoot!”  Whenever you see a “whoot, whoot” ya just know LK is busy getting her name out there.

More hand knits to come including a new hat design.  Knit design is not LK’s expertise, but a gal’s gonna give it her best shot!  2011 is looking hopeful so far!

Happy New Year!

Just a couple of days late.  LK is going through some changes.  It is difficult building a website on my own especially without having all the bells and whistles like flash, but I will not give up.  I will move forward smiling and knowing that SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION!  My mantra for the year.  And I NEVER mantra!  More soon!