LorrieKNITS Promo Video, 2013


Keep it pushin’!

LorrieKNITS! continues to work on the website and blog and Facebook pages.  Hopefully by holiday season there will be small accessories and gifts for people to purchase.  LK thanks you all for your patience and support!  Moving onward and forward happily and successfully!  LK

LK is still here!!

Lorrie KNITS! Handknit Accessories and Dog Sweaters is still here, just going through personal and business-related maintenance.  Patience, please, LK predicts 2012 will be a fruitful and very busy year!

  LK Accessories will include hand knit ornaments and key chains and hand knit dolls for the Cookie Storystitch book series. (Doll images based on book by C. Garland. Mini sweaters and key chains based on free online patterns)

A Knit and a Miss

Knitted a bunch of caps for an organization called Caps for Good.  The caps are sent to Asia and Africa for newborn babies.  Too bad LK did not read the brochure correctly.  Turns out the program was only for a short time, deadline was Feb 2011. (insert sad face here)

Ahhh well, LK meant well.  Until LK figures out what to do with the infant caps, knitting projects will not start p again until winter 2011.  Included will be new and improved Happy Sipho (Happy Gift) hand-knit caps made from Imported Virgin Wool.

Happy week to all! LK