Kntting My Life and Loving It!

LK Bottle BUd Sports Edition

Hey, tired of leaving your table only to find someone drank your favorite beverage?  Is your bottle cold and lonely?

Introducing  the Lorrie Knits! Bottle Buds Sports Edition!  Making its debut during the Baseball Season! These Limited Edition bottle buds are washed & ready for construction and delivery for the staff of Giordano Brothers Mission District location to test out.  If the samples make a big splash the bottle buds will be available on the LK Etsy Site or in person at Giordano Brothers, Mission District location.

If you would like to make a Bottle Bud of your own check out the LK! Knitting My Life and Loving It! for the LK Vimeo Video Series.  It’s not a tutorial, more of a video for “non-conventional” knitters and it includes some of LK’s favorite “free download” music.  Follow along if you would like to.