Introducing, The Lorrie KNITS! Tiny Book Series!


Lorrie KNITS! Presents: Cookie Storystitch, The Girl Who Knits Stories; included with each Lorrie KNITS! Accessory. 

Until the full-length book about Cookie Storystitch and her life is ready for publication tiny stories about Cookie and her knitting adventures will come with each purchase of a Lorrie KNITS! Accessory. 

Beginning with the Lorrie KNITS! Colorful Candy Bright Sweater Key Chains.  Each tiny book comes with Cookie’s story and its own story of how Cookie came to make it.

Stay tuned for the Lorrie KNITS! Tiny Book Series featuring Cookie Storystitch, the Girl Who Knits Stories.  All accessories will be made available on Etsy.

LK rings in 2015 with new goodies!

LorrieKNITS! is starting off 2015 with small, but sweet accessories to sell online and in person.  LK will start with hand knit and hand crochet key chains featuring purses, sweaters, cupcakes and converse “kicks,” all featured on the LK line sheet that will be provided on Etsy and the LK website soon.

Here’s a peek at some of the key chains being made as this blog being typed.

LK accessoriy

Here’s to having a prosperous and healthy 2015 ahead!  Enjoy!  LK